Cheese Cart & Sweet Cart Hire

Cheese Cart Hire

A Truly Magnificent Showpiece in our collection is the ‘Wooden Cheese Cart’ finished with Genuine Antique Wooden Cart wheels.

There’s even a special rack for crackers…

Our Cheese Cart is an excellent choice for you to provide different cheese to your guests. With a lovely varnished finish, we took special care and attention to detail when building this cart so that it will look spectacular at any venue.

Sweet Cart Hire

Our illuminated LittleGemmy Choo’s sweet trolley includes Twinkling LED’S, Downlighting and even a motion sensor which lights up all the jars… making them an absolute delicious treat.

Our sweet cart can be the addition to your wedding that allows your guests to indulge in a few treats. Instead of just using sweet jars on a table, treat your guests to the vintage feel of our sweet cart.

Our gorgeous Wooden frame with Vintage Edison Screw type bulbs makes for a beautiful backdrop.

Wooden backdrop hire

Romantic Table Centrepieces perhaps? or either side of a entrance walkway or steps?

Romantic Table Centrepieces

The LittleGemFX Magic ‘Selfie’ Mirror with a Rustic Wood Frame…Perfect for Barn, Festival or Woodland Weddings

Rustic Wood Frame Selfie Mirror

We have Tables and stools made from Real Huge Tree Trunks.
The table trunks actually light up too…highlighting the natural beauty.

Tables and stools

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Dance Floor Resurrection

We like to ensure our Dance Floor Panels are laid at every Wedding Celebration or Event with an absolute Pristine High Gloss presentation.

Dance floor panels take quite a beating with scratches from stilettos and broken glass from drinks dropped. We use a local company called Dance Floor Resurrection Ltd that is based here in Shrewsbury who have developed through significant investment, research and experimentation a refurbishing program that restores dance floor panels back to a pristine condition which enables us to proudly present gorgeous Dance Floors Every time.

dance floor repair
dance floor repair