Chiavari chair Hire
Chiavari chair Hire
Chiavari chair Hire

Stylish Chiavari chair Hire

The ever popular Limewash, stunning White or ICE ‘Chiavari’ chairs can be just what your wedding needs.
We also offer the choice of seat cushions and back covers in a variety of colours.

We also believe that dirty and crushed seat cushions are unacceptable for a wedding. That’s why we will carefully remove every seat pad prior to transportation every time they go out!

Gold & Silver Chiavari Chairs

We’ve now added Gold & Silver Chairs to our Chaivari chair range.

If you have any questions please contact our team and they will be happy to help.

Stylish Chiavari Chair Pictures

If you see something you like then please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help
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Stylish Chiavari chair Hire
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Chiavari Chairs have become one of the world’s most popular seats for special events and occasions ranging from weddings, to high profile entertainment events…
Essentially, the beautiful Chiavari Chair is a sophisticated chair that is not only elegant, but also affordable to hire and a practical solution for managing seating for a small wedding of 30 to a large gala of 3,000.
Our Chiavari Chairs are wood Chiavari Chairs that are built to withstand the rigors and demands of the commercial and rental business.
We fulfill thousands of the highest quality and highest value Chiavari Chairs for our Bride & Grooms and clients..
We are able to offer the ever popular Limewash… stunning White… Bright Silver… Lush Gold… Beautiful Mahogany and even Pink!

A few important house keeping points… We remove all seatpads during stacking & transportation as we believe ‘Crushed’ pads are unacceptable for the high standards we strive for… and we also have our own in-house spray Booth to ensure our Chairs are always pristine… Our ICE Clear resin chairs are from the Napoleon range… There is more ICE resin to refract and reflect light, this increasing the overall effect…