Game Hire

Vintage Game Hire

Our vintage games will keep all of your guests entertained for hours no matter how young or old they are. These will make a great addition to your wedding decor, adding fun and character to any outdoor parts of your chosen venue.

arcade game hire

Arcade Game Hire

We can also provide our arcade machine which features many old school classics such as Pacman, Frogger and Donkey Kong. This also comes equipped with multiplayer games so that your guests can compete head to head. Let the games begin…

SnookBall – A Sport That Lets You Play Billiards with Your Feet

SnookBall is a combination of snooker and football – it’s crazy fun because you actually get to kick the balls into pockets instead of using a cue stick. The sport is played on a giant billiards table that multiple players can walk on. All the rules are the same as snooker, except that you use your feet instead of a cue and the balls are replaced by footballs.

snookball hire

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