Giant LED Letters For Your Event

Giant LED Love Letters

We offer our Love letters range that was recently featured as part of a Wedding Checklist in VOGUE Magazine, How amazing is that!

Our giant, illuminated, Remote Control WIRELESS Letters….certainly set the theme of the day and create fabulous photographic opportunities.

Did you know our 5 Foot LOVE letters features a FIVE foot wide letter O? Making it large enough to sit in and guarantees a perfect picture moment.

Giant illuminated Letters

From our vast range of standing LED letters, we can provide letters displaying the initials of both the bride and groom.

We can also provide our over-sized Love letters that are sure to leave a great impact on your guests as well as making a fantastic addition to your treasured photographs.

Mainly used for indoor ceremonies and receptions, these letters can be illuminated in a variety of colours. They have a safe, low voltage and can compliment your wedding d├ęcor as well as being remote controlled.

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Dance Floor Resurrection

We like to ensure our Dance Floor Panels are laid at every Wedding Celebration or Event with an absolute Pristine High Gloss presentation.

Dance floor panels take quite a beating with scratches from stilettos and broken glass from drinks dropped. We use a local company called Dance Floor Resurrection Ltd that is based here in Shrewsbury who have developed through significant investment, research and experimentation a refurbishing program that restores dance floor panels back to a pristine condition which enables us to proudly present gorgeous Dance Floors Every time.

dance floor repair
dance floor repair